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Aleksandra Dorann

has a scientific background, she graduated in molecular biology in Ljubljana University, Slovenia and was working in genetics and embryology. Still at the time of study she met her first Chinese teacher and her passion for exploring secrets of life got a whole new dimension.

She started to practice qi gong on daily basis, learning traditional Chinese medicine in combination with Bazi Destiny Readings.

She spent a lot of time in China and countries of South East Asia  and she was learning from many renowned teachers also in Kung Fu and Taichi mountain Wudang.

She got Chinese metaphysics diplomas from Feng Shui, Xuan Kong, Bazi, Ze Ri, Qi Men Dun Jia, I Ching at Mastery Academy in Kuala Lumpur and became a licensed instructor of this Joey Yap’s funded academy.

She is a full time consultant and expert of Feng Shui and other fields of Chinese metaphysics for several years and is teaching Feng Shui, Bazi, I Ching and Date Selection. She is a director and funder of Dragon Vision Feng Shui Consulting, after 10 years of living and working in Croatia, she moved her company to Netherlands and established an international Feng Shui team.  


She works online and in person. Her clients are mainly situated in USA, UK, Croatia and Netherlands, but the aim of the company is to extend around the globe.

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