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Monthly Protection and Blessings

Tube Lights

I formed this service

  • For those who have previously done sessions with me

  • For those who attended the course 'World of Energies' 

  • For those who had Remote Clearing Of Negative Influences

  • For anyone who is aware of and wants to give up on victim consciousnesses behavior.

Intention of this service is to support and help a person for 30 days

  • To be aligned with True Light,

  • To be in high spirit (to stay  above 250 on the scale of consciousness),

  • To be Heart centered

  • To be in touch with True Self

  • To strengthen personal energetic boundaries,

  • To be immune to any intruding negative influences (entities, black magic, curses, spells and similar)


Please note, the service is based in accordance with everyone's free will, you will not receive support for anything you do not genuinely want. It is best to order it after the Remote Clearing Of Negative Influences.


The service is completely remote, lasts for 1 month (30 days) from the purchase, I repeatedly perform it every Monday, Thursday and Sunday of the month. The service doesn't include any report or online contact.

Для платежей из России

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