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destiny reading

Your Destiny Reading begins with a comprehensive analysis I create called a Personal Destiny Blueprint. From that Blueprint I advise you how to reach your potential, find the right type of job that makes you feel good, improve your relationships, finances and health conditions.


Find out about your personal element that helps you gracefully interact with the world around you. Understanding your personal element helps you to balance the energies that influence you to be happier, more creative, more prosperous and more in love with Your Life.


Most people describe a Destiny Reading as life changing!



A Destiny Reading Session is usually done over Skype and lasts 60 to 90 minutes.


Your Destiny Reading includes 3 months of additional support after your session that includes questions and answers with me through email.

feng shui activation

Activate the Energy of your Environment


Feng Shui Energy Activations boost the energy in your property to support you in achieving your goals and desires in selected area of life: Wealth, Relationships, Health and General Problem Solving. 


I comprehensively analyze your floor plan and your birth chartto provide you with personalized Feng Shui details for your home or work space.  


Your Feng Shui Energy Activation report includes information about the exact date, hour and location for you to plan your activation.

awareness session




You can meet me on Skype and have an energy session with me. It is amazing how many things can happen in 60 minutes!


These sessions contribute to your life in many ways:

  • giving you a boost of physical strength

  • a feeling of lightness, relief and unburdening

  • a spirit full of optimism and willingness

  • personal life recognitions

  • clarity about who you are and what your purpose is

  • deep inner peace, equanimity and contentment

  • a strong sense of connection with your True Self

  • maintaining communication and guidance with the Source


Awareness Sessions can reveal how to achieve personal goals through a joyful spirit, how to be heart centered, how to heal yourself and stay healthy, how to have meaningful and satisfying relationships on all levels, and how to live with happiness and fulfillment on a daily basis.


It is recommended to select a package of three to twelve sessions, but even one session will bring transformation to your life.

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