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Personalized Forecast -
year of the wood dragon 2024 

The Forecast is based on the moment of your birth — a unique sequence of energies influencing your life. Using the Chinese metaphysical knowledge of the Five Elements theory and the Yin Yang principle of balance, it describes the influence of Wood Dragon's energy on different areas of your life. Packed with unique information, your forecast covers a general overview, health, career, finances, relationship, and love areas, as well as month-by-month energy information for the whole year (till February 2024) and even more.


Have the best of the year 2024 by applying every wisdom contained in your personal forecasts!


If you don't know your birth time, please enter 12:00 PM

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 17.35.24.png

Personal Forecast eBook: 28 EUR

Card payment
After the purchase, your forecast will be sent to you in an email or you can download it by clicking the button below.
PayPal payments are also possible by using the button below. After the payment please send your birth date and hour (if known) and PayPal's Transaction ID to our support team.
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