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Forecast for the Fire Rooster Year 2017

The astrological year of the Fire Rooster begins on 3 February 2017. The Chinese New Year celebration, which is based on the lunar cycle started on 28 January this year.

The character of the Fire Rooster is proud, boastful, loud, confrontational, bold, good looking, smart, flirtatious and seductive. Fire Rooster is very social, so there will be a lot of partying and gossip going on. The character of the Fire Rooster represents the energies the year 2017 brings, so we can expect a year of ego clashing, showing off and confrontations. Nothing will stay hidden as Rooster is not ashamed of any dirty laundry. It's also a year of reevaluating the values, learning about Self Love and a year of more conscious manifestations. Let's start at becoming aware that everything (but really everything - even Trump!) around us is a Mirror of ourselves and it is the conflict in us that manifests the global discordance. It is us and our choices that can manifest a better reality. Listen to my webinar on the influences of The Fire Rooster for more insight.

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